4th BK21 Project

Vision and goal

Project Vision


Operation Period: September of 2020 to August of 2027

Graduate students participating in the BK21 project group from each graduate school department, would get a scholarship as below;

  • at least 1000,000 won per month for master's degree students
  • at least 1,600,000 won per month for Ph.D. students
  • at least 1,300,000 won per month for Ph.D. students who completed course work
    ※ Master’s/doctoral-integration students are regarded as a master’s degree student for two years from the admission and regarded as a doctoral degree student from their third year. And the scholarship will be applied accordingly.


Graduate students who are under the supervision of professors participating in BK21 project group and can devote more than 40 hours a week to the project-related research and classes

  • Master’s degree students less than two years from the admission
  • Ph.D. students less than four years from the admission
  • Master/doctoral-integration students less than six years from the admission

Project Groups

Humanities and Social Sciences Campus

  • Confucian, Eastern & Korean Philosophy
    3T (Tradition, Translocality, Transdisciplinarity) R&E Project Group based on Confucian, Eastern, and Korean Philosophy
    Group leader: Prof. KIM, DOIL
  • Korean Language and Literature
    Education and Research Group of Korean Language and Literature for Innovation, Commons and Justice
    Group leader: Prof. CHEON, JUNGHWAN
  • English Language and Literature
    A Project for Education and Research in Interaction English Studies in the Era of AI
    Group leader: Prof. LEE, HANJUNG
  • History
    Historical Education & Research Commission for Knowledge Circulation
    Group leader: Prof. PARK, JAE WOO
  • Korean Literature in Classical Chinese
    Project for Studying East Asian Classics and Educating Future Scholars
    Group leader: Prof. KIM, YONG TAI
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Humanistic Future Studies
    Social Innovative Entrepreneurship Education based on Future Humanities
    Group leader: Prof. HONG, KYUNG ZOON
  • Public Administration
    Toward Empathic Innovation: Through Platform Governance Education & Research Programs
    Group leader: Prof. NAM, TAEWOO
  • Convergence for Social Innovation
    Data-Based Social Innovation Education & Research Group for Closing Multiple Gaps and Realizing Sustainable Society
    Group leader: Prof. CHUNG, JAE EUN
  • Psychology
    Psychology Education & Research Team for Promoting the Symbiotic Flourishing of Individuals and the Community
    Group leader: Prof. CHOI, HOON SEOK
  • Social Welfare
    Education and Research Team for Collaborative Development of Social Services through Social Innovation
    Group leader: Prof. HAN, CHANG KEUN
  • Economics
    Education & Research Program for Sound Growth of the Korean Economy in the Digital Era
    Group leader: Prof. KIM, SUNGHYUN
  • Business Administration
    Center for Future Leaders in Cross Management
    Group leader: Prof. LEE, KUN CHANG
  • FinTech
    FinTech Research & Education Center for Global Leaders in Financial Innovation
    Group leader: Prof. SONG , KYO JIK
  • Department of Human-Artificial Intelligence Interaction
    Bigdata Research and Education Group for Enhancing Social Connectedness Through Advanced Data Technology and Interaction Science Research
    Group leader: Prof. KIM, JANGHYUN

Natural Sciences Campus

  • Biological Sciences
    Education and Research Center for Global Bio Expert
    Group leader: Prof. YOON, HWAN SU
  • Mathematics
    Mathematical science division for fostering excellent next leaders
    Group leader: Prof. KIM, CHANGHEON
  • Physics
    Global-local Problem-Solving Physics Leader Developments Educational Research Division
    Group leader: Prof. KANG, DAE-JOON
  • Chemistry
    Chemical Science HRD Center for Student Success
    Group leader: Prof. Doo-Hyun Ko
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
    ducation & Research Institute for Sustainable ICT Future Human Resources
    Group leader: Prof. JEON, BYEUNGWOO
  • Chemical Engineering
    Global Leader Education Center of Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development
    Group leader: Prof. CHAE, HEEYEOP
  • Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
    HumanTech Materials-based Global Elite Cultivation Center for Student Success
    Group leader: Prof. JUNG,HYUNSUK
  • Mechanical Engineering
    Future HRD Education and Research Center for Human-Centered Convergence Mechanical Solution
    Group leader: Prof. RYU, CHANG KOOK
  • Industrial Engineering
    Education and Research Group for Autonomous Smart Factory
    Group leader: Prof. NOH, SANG DO
  • Global Smart City
    Global Frontiers of Resilient EcoSmart City
    Group leader: Prof. PARK,SEUNGHEE
  • Department of Smart Fab. Technology
    Innovative Human Resource Education Center for Smart Fab. Technology
  • Pharmacy
    Education and Research Center for Fostering Pharmaceutical Researchers toward Leading Innovative Growth
    Group leader: Prof. KIM, HYUNGSIK
  • Biopharmaceutical Convergence
    Total Periodic Education Center for Innovative Bio-therapeutics Based on Cluster of Industry, University, Research Institute and Hospital
    Group leader: Prof. CHUNG, SANGJEON
  • Sport Science
    Innovative Leaders for Technology Based Proactive Healthcare
    Group leader: Prof. CHANG, KYUNG-RO
  • Medicine
    Global Education & Research Program for Systems Precision Medicine
    Group leader: Prof. KIM, KYEONG KYU
  • Energy Science
    Center for fostering renewable energy integrated system researcher
    Group leader: Prof. YOON, WON SUB
  • Nano Science and Technology
    Education research group for nano-convergence based advanced materials
    Group leader: Prof. LEE, SUNG JOO
  • Intelligent Precision Healthcare Convergence
    Graduate Program of Next-Generation Computing for Sustainable Development
    Group leader: Prof. PARK, JAESEOK
  • College of Computing and Informatics
    Intelligent Precision Healthcare Division
    Group leader: Prof. Jee, Hyong Lee
  • College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering
    Creative HRD team of food science and biotechnology for Life-care
    Group leader: Prof. Lee, Jae Hwan
  • College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering
    Division of Next-generation Applied Bio-Technology (DNA-BT)
    Group leader: Prof. Cho, Jae Youl
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