Sungkyun Language Institute

The Sungkyun Language Institute (SLI) provides the regular and the three week programs for international students and all Korean language learners.

The Regular Program is suitable for international students who are applying for degree programs or seeking jobs in Korea. The proficiency level is from levels 1 (beginner) to 6 (proficient). A beginner may join level 1 and complete all six levels in one year. Each session is eight weeks long. The program consists of two hundred hours of lectures and off-campus activities (field-trips).

The 3-Week Program is for learning the Korean language along with various cultural activities. Class offerings are determined by proficiency and the number of enrolled students of each term. The program is only available at the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus in Seoul.

한국어 과정 안내
Program Term
Regular 6 sessions/year
3-Week Spring and Summer

SKKU students may take SLI’s English courses, including credit courses such as the Undergraduate English-Proficiency Courses, and Graduae-English Qualification Course.

Credit Courses

  • Basic English: English Writing, English Presentation
  • Advanced English: Journalism, Law, Business, Literature, Science

Qualification Courses

  • Qualification Course for Global Qualification (PUM)
  • Qualification Course for Substituting Foreign Language Test (Master’s Program)
  • Qualification Course for Substituting Graduation Thesis (Only for Business Majors)
  • Content Manager