Internet Utilization

Application for Network (IP/Domain Name/Opening Host) Use

To access SKKU’s network for Internet use, the Information Communications Team assigns you an IP address and you can access the network only from a designated address. The university domains are skku.edu, skku.ac.kr, etc and a domain name can be assigned to your IP Address. To open network service for research and other specific purposes, you must make a request for Host Open. You can sign in to GLS, and make a request using the Information Square-IT Service-Apply for Network Service menus.

* Inquiries: 031) 299-6214

IP Address Application and Returns

  • Application
    • Each computer or online host is assigned with an IP address to differentiate one machine from another, and to use the SKKU network, you must receive an IP address to access the Internet in the campus.
  • Returns
    • Contact the Information Communication Team by phone.

Domain Name Application and Returns

  • Application
    • The IP address you receive from SKKU can be assigned with a domain name. The domains of SKKU are skku.edu, skku.ac.kr, etc.
  • Returns
    • Contact the Information Communication Team by phone.

Application for HOST Open

  • Application
    • For security, the campus network is protected from outside by firewall, IPS, etc. You can access general services with this protection but certain services are blocked. To open the HOST for research or other specific purposes, you must make a request for HOST Open.
  • Returns
    • Security risk from an open HOST is a personal responsibility. If you’re done with your tasks using an open Host, please contact the Information Communications Team by phone to request deletion.

Server Account Application

When labs, clubs, or societies of two or more persons wish to create a website, the Office of Information and Communications will provide a server account. Organizations will receive a server account to create and upload a website. However, personal websites can be made by using the Website Builder in My Kingo.

Server Environment

  • O.S : UNIX (SUN Solaris)
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • DB : MySql
  • Web Server : Apache
  • Others: telnet, ftp open port
  • Capacity: 200M

How to Apply

  • Eligibility: university organization of two or more persons
  • Sign in to the Office of Information and Communications website and apply for a server account
  • Sign In → Select Application Form: Apply for Server(DB) Account → Select from Create Account/Change Account/Delete Account

Application History

  • Use/Modify/Close Server Account
  • Use/Modify/Close Server DB Account

Requirement before Applying

  • Create Server Account (ID): 4~12 digit combination of letters and numbers
  • Decision to use DB account or not: generally used for bulletin boards
  • Designation of administrator
  • Approval from a supervisor or account server staff

Approval Notification

  • Approval will be sent to your Kingo e-mail address before noon of the next working day.

Account Server Management Rules

  • Account server cannot be used for any purpose other than for the website service.
  • Installation of software that could influence the whole service may be restricted.
  • When using the account server as a file server (backing up files, etc), files maybe deleted without prior notice.
  • All services and management tasks except for the provision of an account are the administrator’s responsibility.
  • Take special care for managing your password. If your password is lost or forgotten, you can contact the Office of Information and Communications.

* Inquiries: 031-290-5221

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