Administrative Offices

Planning and Coordination Division

The Strategic Planning/Promotion Team's major responsibilities and functions include:

  • Establishment and implementation of SKKU’s comprehensive developmental plans
  • Establishment and implementation of annual university management policies
  • Planning and development of strategies and policies for university management
  • Management of organizations, faculty and staff quota, policies, development of human resources policies, and recruitment of outstanding human resources
  • Establishment and implementation of long-term facilities plan
  • Performance of internal audits
  • Analysis, assessment, and review university management and publication of assessment reports
  • Management of university statistics and disclosure of information

The Budget Planning Team's major responsibilities and functions include:

  • Management of division director’s official seal
  • Coordination of basic planning for management and allocation of funds and resources
  • Coordination of performance evaluations for budgetary planning, control and adjustment
  • Appropriation of students’ payments
  • Management of SKKU's statistical data and publication of annual reports
  • Operation of tuition deliberation committee

The Knowledge Center for Innovative Higher Education

  • Content Manager