Extension Courses

SKKU Extension School is an affiliated institution established by SKKU to:

  • meet social demands in the era of convergence and connection by offering programs such as AI, Big Data, IoT, etc.;
  • improve professionals' working skills who are employed at companies by providing experience-based programs, which makes it take on University Social Responsibilities (USR); and
  • facilitate life-long education by running an open learning platform.

Main Functions

  • HRD consultation with companies and institutes (competence diagnosis and internal educational system set-up) and curation of curriculum
  • Development and operation of state of the art programs with a variety of formats: Offline/Online/Blended/Mobile such as Big Data, Fintech, Block Chain, Data Science, AI, etc.
  • Cooperation with domestic and global certification and establishment of a verification system
  • Coordination of business trend seminars, special lectures, webinars, and business simulation games
  • Career Management and issuance of certification under the president of SKKU’s name for successful completion
  • Organization of itineraries for student field trips to Korea or company site visits

Location and Contact

  • Location: Humanities and Social Sciences Campus, 2nd Floor of International Hall
  • Location: Natural Sciences Campus, 6th Floor, Research & Business Center
  • Tel: +82-2-740-1704 (Mr. Myeongin Lee)

Program List

SKKU Extension School

  • Global Leadership (Brand, Digital Marketing)
  • Sales & Marketing Program
  • Samsung SDS AI Expert Course
  • LG Electronics AI Smart Factory Manufacture Leader Course
  • KB Financial Group Intensive Finance AI Course
  • Online Machine Learning/Deep Learning Courses


  • Samsung Securities-SKKU WM Master Program
  • Hana Financial Investment-SKKU PB Master Program
  • Steinbeis-SKK GSB MBA Program

Business School

  • Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance MBA Program
  • Samsung Electronics Next Generation Logistics Specialist MBA Program
  • Samsung Life Insurance MBA Program
  • W-AMP
  • CJ e-AMP Program
  • Woori Business Course for newly assigned branch heads
  • 4th Industrial Revolution Innovative Leader Program
  • Samsung C&T Global Commercial Specialist Program
  • DS Group Management Specialist Program
  • Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Program

College of Economics

  • Financial Risk Management Specialist Program

College of Information and Communication Engineering

  • IoT Project Program

Law School

  • Global Commercial Specialist Program
  • Samsung C&T Corporation Commercial Course
  • Samsung C&T Corporation Intensive Commercial Course

College of Social Sciences

  • Public Institution Manager Program
  • Public Policy Research Project
  • Picture book Specialist Program
  • Broadcast and Communication High Ranker Program
  • Big Data based Consumer Analysis Specialist Program
  • Indonesia Capacity Building

College of Confucianism

  • Advanced Oriental Culture Program
  • Confucianist Leader Program

School of Pharmacy

  • Bio-Venture Management Course

University College

  • Sungkyunkwan Academy of Asian Humanities(SAAH)

School of Global Entrepreneurship

  • Global Advanced Entrepreneurship Program(G-AEP)

Academy of East Asian Studies

  • The Inter-University Center for Korean Language Studies(IUC)
  • Content Manager