Campus Town Project Board

Campus Town Project Board seeks to create an ecosystem for youth entrepreneurship, arts and culture through regional cooperation. It oversees business incubation, cultural specialization programs and local partnership programs, with the aim of creating jobs and revitalizing local communities.
It is a new urban regeneration initiative that transforms college towns into centers for youth job creation and revitalization of local economy, conducted in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Project aimed at establishing a cultural art platform 
															 for the youths of Sungkyunkwan University

Program Overview

  • Sungkyun Art Culture Contents (SACC)
    • Provides young (preliminary) entrepreneurs with information and knowledge they need to start their own businesses with the aim of encouraging art and cultural start-ups, assisting each team with mentorship, funding and incubation space for successful business
    • Two tracks offered: (1) exploration course for promising entrepreneurs (with business under three years old ), (2) and commercialization course for preliminary entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship Project Team (EPT)
    • Operates training aimed at raising social entrepreneurs with understanding of emerging social economies and public values who wish to start businesses and generate revenue
    • Composed of Regional Innovation Track (to run a university-regional linkage class) to raise interest in the social economy, Social Innovation Track to search for socioeconomic entrepreneurial items, and Commercialization track to support establishment and activation of social enterprises
  • SKKU Tourism TUTOR
    • Explores and develops cultural/tourism items that can be shared and exchanged among local residents and members of the campus community
    • Trains experts who can promote and expand such items
  • Culture and Arts Start-up Workshops
    • Offer platform for development, sale and display of professionally and independent labelled products by (preliminary) young artists
    • Provide opportunities to sell and display finished products, communicating with local residents and tourists in the process
  • Culture and Arts Experience
    • Programs that enable exchange of resources in arts and humanities with the local community
    • Operates wonderland, a space for experience and entertainment that offers performing arts, career exploration in the arts/humanities and expression enhancement programs, as well as workshops for performance, art, photography, and storytelling.

Kingo Start-up Space

  • Location : SKKU Campus vicinity (38, Changgyeonggung-ro 35-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul)
  • Main Functions : Incubation space for information exchange and networking between prospective and beginning entrepreneurs
  • Set-up
    • 1st Floor: Space for outdoor seminars
    • 2nd Floor: CO-WORKING space and meeting rooms
    • 3rd Floor: Independent business incubator
    • 4th Floor: Mentorship & MAKER SPACE
  • Content Manager