Business Incubator

Our business incubator is aimed at raising start-up success rate by supporting preliminary entrepreneurs and budding venture companies. The incubator provides space and equipments for its businesses and offers comprehensive service in management, technology, tax and accounting, with the aim of sophisticating their business structure and achieving national economic development as a whole.

business incubator

General Statistics

  • Specialization : Green Growth (IT • BT)
  • Opened on : December 1, 1998
  • Designated on : February 27, 1999
  • Incubation space : 32.64㎡(351.3ft) ~142.6㎡(1534.9ft), 72 rooms total

Firm Selection Process

  • 01. Notice of recruitment

    01. Notice of recruitment

    University website and websites of related institutions

  • 02. Application for admission

    02. Application for admission

    Submission of application form

  • 03. Application screening and presentations

    03. Application screening and presentations

    Evaluation of documents and pitch deck presentation

  • 04. Confirmation and notification

    04. Confirmation and notification

    Result notice and commencement of admission

  • 05. Contract conclusion and moving in

    05. Contract conclusion and moving in

    signing of occupancy contracts (e.g. annual contract, development fund payment for three-year contract)

  • 06. Support and management of firms

    06. Support and management of firms

    facility and office support, education and training, commercialization support


  • Facilities and training
Facilities and training
General facility / office support Office space, supplies and equipments
Private network and various services (restaurants, lounge, conference room, parking area)
Security Service (SECOM)
Discount rate for analysis by the Cooperative Center for Research Facilities
Patent counselling and patent office
Education and training Various start-up related educational opportunities
Technology / management seminars
  • Commercialization Assistance
Commercialization Assistance
Benefits Summary
Technology consultation Consultation on technology and new product development
Management and accounting consultation Consultation on management, finances, marketing and investment to resolve company's issues
Marketing Support Promotional materials and website creation
Intellectual property rights Assistance Strategies for intellectual property rights and implementation efficiency
Certification assistance for domestic and overseas Improving competitiveness through various certification
Asisstance for exhibitions at home and abroad Entry into market through participation in professional exhibitions and fairs
Design and protoype manufacturing assistance Enhancement of technology and product development capacity
Textbooks Enhancement of management capacity
  • Content Manager