Business Promotion System

LINC+ Specialized Industry

University & Industry Collaborations(UNIC)

  • Analyze regional industry demands and the conditions of universities for the support of UNICs
  • Support interactive industrial-academic cooperation for financially independent UNICs
    • Establish and operate UNICs
    • Support beneficiary services

Industrial-University Education Center

  • Develop and operate various industry-university cooperative education programs for spreading industry based curricula
    • Operate Social Customized Curriculum Module
    • Operate open education program for community and local industry
    • Support for training to strengthen the expertise of the Research and Business Foundation's employees

Corporate Support Center

  • Prepare the basis of regional development through win-win cooperation between universities and businesses for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • Operation of industry-university co-op communities
    • Perform industry-univ. joint research projects and technological guidance
    • Provide performance management of cooperative utilization research equipment
    • Operate community contribution programs
    • Operate a technical innovation advisory group

Start-up Training Center

  • Develop and operate a start-up support program to foster future entrepreneurs and encourage students to start their own businesses
    • Provide education and training for jobs and start-ups
    • Support Graduate School technology start-up projects

Field Exercises Support Center

  • Provide business connected field training programs based on specialized areas
  • Develop and operate converged Capstone Design programs for enhancing students' creativitity and collaboration capabilities
    • Operate team field training for business convergence
    • Develop and operate Capstone Design programs
  • Content Manager