SKKU operates its own Learning Management System (LMS) called i-campus to offer an online learning environment. i-campus is a platform to support all types of courses including online, off-line courses, blended class, flipped class, etc.

Types of e+Courses

Recorded Lecture

  • The courses take place in e+ recording lecture halls installed with lecture filming (camera tracking) and all the lectures are saved on i-campus.
  • Recorded video materials can be relearned and reviewed on i-campus.
  • e+ recording lecture halls: 76 lecture halls including 31 at the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus and 47 at the Natural Sciences Campus.

Blended Course

  • This is a form of Online+Offline blended course and the lectures are saved as in e+ recording lectures during offline lectures.
  • Online lectures on i-campus give students the opportunity to pre-learn the course materials and offline lectures include learning of core contents and discussions.

Online Course

  • The courses offer 100% online lectures on i-campus with the lectures filmed and produced in the Education Support Team’s studio.
  • The lectures consist of various multimedia contents.
  • Maximized learning experience through the use of online forums for announcements, lectures, discussions, assignments and learning materials.


  • Real-time, two-way courses between the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus and Natural Sciences Campus
  • Courses offered by popular professors
  • Focused more on general education courses with larger class size.
  • Lectures are saved as in e+ recording courses.

Signing in to the System

  • Students can sign in to i-campus with the same ID and password they use for GLS without making a separate account.

How to Register for Courses

  • Students may register for online courses the same way they register for regular courses.

    (The courses are categorized as Online Courses, Blended Courses, and Save-Lecture Courses on the remarks section of the electronic schedule.)

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