Sungkyunkwan University Basic Symbol Mark

성균관대학교 심볼

The dynamic curve that extends from the letter ‘S’ along the ginkgo tree leaf represents SKKU’s spirit and the way it connects the history and the future. It is SKKU’s free and indefatigable youthfulness and the bridge between history, ourselves, and the future.

The fundamental principle of creation in the universe and nature. Infinite truth and creation. Our active, positive, and adventurous attitude towards a rapidly changing world.

600 years of foundation for a dynamic future / Long-Standing History and Spirit / Four Streaks of Light: the modern inheritance of the values of humanity, righteousness, propriety, and wisdom

SKK’s Sprit, SKK’s Success. SKKU’s initial letter ‘S’


  • 리더쉽, 신뢰, 지성, 책임 상징 색
    Leadership, Trust, Intelligence, Responsibility
    Panton Color655C
    CMYK ColorC100 M91 Y33 K26
    RGB ColorR7 G42 B96
  • 다시 시작되는 역사 상징 색
    Creativity, Dynamism, Innovation
    Panton Color367C
    CMYK ColorC50 M0 Y100 K0
    RGB ColorR141 G198 B63
  • 창조, 역동, 혁신 상징 색
    History that starts afresh
    Panton Color1585C
    CMYK ColorC0 M71 Y100 K0
    RGB ColorR255 G108 B15
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