Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center

Establishment Background

  • Changes in socioeconomic environment due to low growth
    • The global phenomenon of youth unemployment / low employment rate calls for a new paradigm of development
  • Increase in social demand for new kind of talent
    • Demand for individuals with on-site troubleshooting experience and capabilities " Employment and Start-up "
  • Changed personal values regarding life and wealth
    • Individuals strive for personal values and satisfaction- a “life that is my own”

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

  • Students startup society (Entrepreneurship project team) development, incubation and support
  • Establishment and operation of entrepreneurial course for university students
  • Operation of Start-up Campus and reservation services
  • Development and implementation of start-up related programs (year-round)
  • Operation of majors with entrepreneurial partnership
  • Start-up mentoring (one-stop counselling, humanities and social sciences campus) reservation services and operation

EPT Application Process (The schedule is subject to change depending on circumstances; the exact schedule will be re-announced.)

창업동아리(앙트레프레너십 프로젝트 팀) 지원 절차

* Schedule could be adjusted depending on situations and fixed schedule will be noticed again.

Applicant Benefits

  • Theoretical and practical training on entrepreneurial attitude, social ventures and start-ups
  • Step-by-step expert mentoring
  • Diverse selection of special lectures
  • Start-up funds per team
  • Priority access to Start-up Campus and office cabinets
  • Certification


  • Center: Business School Building, 1st Floor, Room 33101, Humanities & Social Sciences Campus
  • Start-up Campus: Business School Building, 1st Floor, Room 33105, Humanities & Social Sciences Campus


  • ☎ 031-290-5086 sms
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