LINC Project Introduction

LINC+ (Leaders in Industry-University Cooperation) of Sungkyunkwan University is strengthening the Competitiveness of local universities and Communities.

  • Strengthening the virtuous circle structure of industry-university cooperation between universities, regions and enterprises
  • Establishing industrial-educational cooperation system integrated with leading industry in new industry
  • Establishing global new industry business economic ecosystem

Sungkyunkwan University was selected for the social customized Leaders in Industry University Cooperation (LINC +) development project supported by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation.

Sungkyunkwan University, LINC + Business Group, aims to establish a global industry-academic cooperation platform, strengthens the industry-academic cooperation virtuous circle between the universities and regional companies and establish an integrated industry-led cooperation system for new industries. In addition, with the aim of creating an economic ecosystem for new industries, we strive to prepare ourselves for the fourth industrial revolution and become a leading university for new industries.

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