Student ID Card


Student ID Card, which are issued in association with Woori Bank, can be used for identification, borrowing library books, transportation (Cashbee Card also available for shuttle bus), and as voucher cards for meals in the dormitories.

※Students can use the Mobile ID card in the SKKU application (Kingo-M). Before you using the Mobile ID card application, students must apply for plastic Student ID Cards. If a student does not apply for a Student ID Card before using the application, they cannot use their Mobile ID Card until after a grace period.

Student ID Card Application and Issuance


  • Students enrolled in SKKU or on a leave of absence are eligible to acquire Student ID Cards. Students who have already completed their undergraduate or graduate programs are not eligible.

New Application

  • From late February to early March (spring semester) or from late August to early September (fall semester), students can apply by using the "Wibi Bank" application; no extra documents are required.

Student ID Card Reissue Service

  • Students need to log in to the Smart Card System (http://idcard.skku.edu) and put the required information. After that, they can get your ID cards at Student Support Team at either campus.

    * If you want to use the debit card function of the ID card, you should visit the Woori Bank right next to the entrance of SKKU.

  • Students can apply for Student ID cards at each campus regardless of their majors. Students can apply for reissue of student ID card regardless of their major at the Student Support Team in either campus.
  • SKKU’s database and financial institution’s database are not shared, so if a student loses their Student ID Card, they must report to both SKKU and Woori Bank.
    SKKU (Seoul : 02-760-1077 / Suwon : 031-290-5034)
    Woori Bank (Telebanking: 1588-5000 / Customer Service: 02-2008-5000)
  • Replacement of Student ID Card dues to malfunctions is free of charge but replacement of lost or damaged cards due to negligence costs 7,000 KRW. All replacement fees must be transferred to Woori Bank.
  • If a magnetic object is placed close to the Student ID Card or if too much force is applied and the card bends, the RF-ID chip in the ID card may be damaged.

For additional inquiries related to Student ID Cards, contact the Student Affairs Team at either campuses:

  • 1F, 600th Anniversary Hall, Humanities and Social Sciences Campus: 02-760-1077

  • 1F, Student Union Building, Natural Sciences Campus: 031-290-5034

Student ID Card Service

Library Access and Use

  • Student ID Cards can be used to access libraries, the Seat Availability Checking System, and to check out and return items.

Woori Bank Debit Card Service

  • If a Student ID Card is linked with an Woori Bank account, it can be used as an ordinary bank card for cash deposit/withdrawal in ATMs, transactions with other banks and for various other banking services.

Rechargeable Transportation Card Service

  • When applying for a replacement card, if a student would like to request a refund of the recharged balance on their transportation card, they must submit their Student ID Card. It can take up to two months for the refund to be paid after a verification process with the bus union.
  • Since it is impossible to know the balance data recorded in the transportation chip, if a Student ID Card is lost, the transportation balance on the transportation card will not be refunded.
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