Technology Licensing Office


SKKU’s Technology Licensing Office (TLO) systematically distributes the top technologies owned by the university to businesses and enterprises that are in need and offers timely and necessary support to guarantee successful commercialization of transferred technologies.

University Technology Licensing Office Capability Strengthening Project

  • To promote vitalization of regional economies through technology transfer and commercialization with the use of technologies and human resources held by universities, the National Research Foundation of Korea under the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning has been carrying out the University Technology Licensing Office(TCO) Capability Strengthening Project.
    By receiving recognition for outstanding performance on technology licensing, SKKU has been operating its own Technology Management Center since 2016.

Technology Management Procedure

  • Technology Development

    • Invention Report Submission (patent application)
      • Understanding of the technology to be transferred
      • Content and use of technology
      • Technology transfer conditions, mode of transfer, countries when the technology is transferred to
    • Evaluation of the technology to be transferred
      • Technology Evaluation
      • Marketability Evaluation
      • Profitability/Economic Value Evaluation
  • Technology Marketing

    • Search for businesses in need of technology
      • Utilization of the University-Industry Cooperation Center’s company database
      • Utilization of the company databases of domestic organizations
      • PR via Internet and newspapers
      • Utilization of technology-specialized agencies
    • Selection of technology transfer candidates
      • Examination of technology profitability
      • Examination of technology transfer conditions, mode of transfer, transfer ability, etc.
    • Technology Transfer Consultation
      • Final confirmation on the suitability of the candidate for the technology to be transferred.
  • Technology Transfer Agreement

    • Write up a letter of intent, confidentiality agreement, etc.
      • Final review of technology details
      • Mutual visits, materialization of agreement terms and conditions
      • Preparation for the conclusion of agreement
    • Conclusion of Technology Transfer Agreement
      • Specification of the mode of transfer, fees, agreement terms and conditions, etc
      • Signing of agreement
    • Technology Transfer Ex Post Facto Management
      • Management of running royalty
      • Search and introduction of technology commercialization funds
      • Advisory support for patents and technologies
      • Mediation support for patent disputes
  • Content Manager