Student Insurance

To guarantee safe and satisfactory studies at SKKU, we possess various safety facilities and systems, and manage a Campus Insurance System and Liability Insurance System in case of any injury or accidents during university activities.

Liability Insurance System

If SKKU is liable for a student’s injuries that occur during class or university activities, the student will be covered up to 5 million KRW for treatment expenses after the insurance company’s damage assessment (however, this does not apply to treatment expenses for diseases).

Application Procedure

After treatment, submit all required documents to the Student Support Team in the Humanities and Social Sciences Campus or the affiliated college department in the Natural Sciences Campus.

Required Documents for Submission

  • Accident Report → download application form and check details

  • copy of Bankbook

    • Ages 20 and older: copy of bankbook
    • Ages below 20: copy of parent or guardian’s bankbook, copy of Family Relation Certificate
  • Certificate of Enrollment
  • Receipt of medical expenses and drug (herbal medicine not included)
  • Insurance Claim Form and Personal Information Consent Form for processing and use of personal information
  • Diagnosis report or medical opinion from doctor

Effective Period

Can file an insurance claim within 1 year from the date of an accident

Campus Insurance

If a student enrolled at SKKU dies, becomes injured or suffers from a stress disorder from an accident that occurs during the study period at our university, the student can receive assistance up to 50 million KRW for compensation after the insurance company’s damage assessment.
University Life refers to the duration of a student’s stay at SKKU for attending regular courses or educational events or participating in various other university activities and does not include the time outside the campus for coming to school or going home.

Application Procedure

Humanities and Social Sciences Campus: contact the Student Support Team before application (02-760-1078)
Natural Sciences Campus: the administrative office of your college

Since insurance is paid according to the agreement between SKKU and the insurance company, the insurance company will carry out accident assessment which can take at least 1~2 months before the insurance is paid.

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