Intellectual Property (IP) Management

Overview of Basic Objectives

To offer systematic support in application and registration of researchers’ intellectual property rights and in technology transfer (commercialization), SKKU operates an exclusive Technology Licensing Office (TLO) made up of patent attorneys, technology transfer agents, enterprise and technology value evaluators and patent management specialists.

To link and develop research results(Invention Related to Duties) into the researcher’s intellectual property rights efficiently, SKKU:

  • Provides one-stop service through establishment of an online intellectual property rights and technology transfer management program
  • Offers administrative support through regulations, guidelines and standards built on Invention Promotion Act and relevant laws
  • Holds and offers a comprehensive system that could manage and maintain post-registration of intellectual property rights

Patent Application · Registration Support

  • Domestic Patents
    After the invention interview, when the application support for the invention is approved and decided, 100% of patent support fund will be granted by the Research & Business Foundation.
  • If the possibility of an invention being registered is low due to its incomplete state or due to already existing invention (research), patent support will not be approved.
  • International Patents
    If a technology applied is considered to be a prospective technology with possibilities of technology transfer and commercialization by the patent examination committee, 100% of patent support will be granted.

Patent Application Procedure

  • 01

    Invention Report

    -Online patent ststem
    -Rules for reporting before publishing a study

  • 02


    -Hire professional consulting firm
    -Initiation of 100% preliminary search on existion technology

    선행 길술조사
  • 03

    Domestic Invention Interview

    -Participation of market experts and patent right experts
    -Decision to apply or not.

    국내 발명인터뷰
  • 04

    Domestic Patent Application

    -Decide to proceed with application or not according to the invention interview results
    -Cooperation with 8 exclusively-hired patent firms

    국내 특허출원
  • 05

    International Invention Interview

    -Within 1 year from the date of domestic application
    -Marketability Evaluation Index

    해외 발명 인터뷰
  • Patent Seminars for Research Labs
    Support for researchers’ development of prospective (profitable) technologies through the provision of information on intellectual property rights, patent laws, the current status of the technology market, methods for preliminary search of existing technology, etc.
  • Inquiries: 031-290-5086

Online Patent System

  • SKKU is currently operating an online patent system to make patent application and registration process more convenient and familiar to researchers and students and also to provide data and materials related to patents.
  • Inquiries: 031-290-5084
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