Professor Nam-Gyu Park of Chemical Engineering donated 100 million won to the School Development Fund 2024.02.13
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Professor Nam-Gyu Park of Chemical Engineering donated 100 million won to the School Development Fund

Professor Nam-Gyu Park (Department of Chemical Engineering) donated 100 million won to the 'School Development Fund' on February 7th (Wed).

The fund transfer ceremony was attended by Professor Nam-Gyu Park, President Ji Beom Yoo, Executive Director Youngsoo Joo, Corporate Director Donghwan Lee, and Director Seongwoo Ji.

Professor Nam-Gyu Park was selected as the winner of the first Sungkyun Nobel Prize with Professor Younghee Lee and Professor Du Jin Ryu in 2019, and in January of last year, he won the 28th Korean Engineering Hallimwon Award. Professor Namgyu Park is a world-renowned scientist who is closest to winning the Nobel Prize as an authority in perovskite.

In a commemorative speech, Professor Park said, "I believe that I was able to achieve many awards and reputation thanks to meeting good students at Sungkyunkwan University and the support the school provided," and "I donated to help Sungkyun grow into a prestigious university by nurturing more excellent young professors and contributing to its development. I will strive to contribute more to the future."

President Ji Beom Yoo said in his congratulatory remarks, "Just by having Professor Nam-Gyu Park, we have made a great contribution to the reputation and pride of our university and we have made it possible to dream of winning the Nobel Prize," and "We are even more grateful for your donation to the school development fund today, and we will continue to support research activities at the school."

Executive Director Youngsoo Joo expressed gratitude in his speech, saying, "Professor Park is an aspiring

professor who leads the school and I believe he will achieve our hopes. We will actively support the corporation

on the path towards that dream."

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