Sungkyunkwan University-UNIST Supercomputing Center Signs Agreement to Strengthen Research Innovation Ecosystem 2024.04.29
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Sungkyunkwan University-UNIST Supercomputing Center Signs Agreement to Strengthen Research Innovation Ecosystem

- Enhanced Collaboration Includes Joint Utilization of the Center's Research Equipment

The Supercomputing Center (Director: Choi Hyeong-ki) and the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) Supercomputing Center (Director: Yoo Chun-sang) signed a "Business Agreement for Strengthening Research Innovation Ecosystem based on Supercomputing" on April 26th at the Natural Science Campus of Sungkyunkwan University in Suwon.

According to this agreement, both institutions agreed to ▲ collaborate on utilizing supercomputing technology to enhance the research innovation ecosystem ▲ and jointly utilize research equipment possessed by each center ▲ to cooperate in the development and education sectors related to supercomputing technology. Additionally, ▲ exploration of new businesses based on supercomputing and data ▲ comprehensive exchange of human and material resources are also planned.

Supercomputing Center of Sungkyunkwan University has been providing high-performance GPU-centered supercomputing services since 2022 through university-level investment of approximately 4 billion KRW and has been actively operating since then. Meanwhile, the UNIST Supercomputing Center, established 14 years ago, possesses excellent operational capabilities and was designated as a national supercomputing center in 2022, demonstrating continuous development capacity.

Choi Hyeong-ki, the director of the Supercomputing Center, stated, "Through this agreement, an opportunity has been created to foster mutual development through joint research and equipment sharing based on the strengths of both institutions in the field of supercomputing." He also expressed expectations for continued enhancement of exchanges and collaboration in the future.

Yoo Chun-sang, director of the UNIST Supercomputing Center, commented, "In an era where supercomputers are becoming the core research infrastructure of the AI society," adding, "I hope that the two institutions can successfully fulfill their missions and contribute to enhancing the scientific and technological competitiveness of both universities and, ultimately, the nation."

Both our university and UNIST plan to use this agreement as a stepping stone to further expand collaboration with various institutions operating supercomputing centers in Korea.

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