SKKU Vice President of Humanities and Social Sciences Campus, Hong-Jun Yoo, Presents at Internal Symposium Held by NRF 2020.11.17
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SKKU Vice President of Humanities and Social Sciences Campus, Hong-Jun Yoo, Presents at Internal Symposium Held by NRF

The National Research Foundation (NRF) announced that they will hold an international symposium to overcome pandemic crisis due to the COVID-19 on November 12 (Thur).

The event, “Moving Toward the Post-Pandemic Era: Reviewing the Impact of COVID-19 and Its Implication on R&D Policy Perspectives” will be broadcast live on YouTube.

The leading research support agencies of the United States, Germany, and Korea, and experts from domestic/international will present and discuss R&D support policies with the situation of countries related to COVID-19.

Sethuraman Panchanathan, chair of the National Science Foundation (NSF), will be a keynote speaker, stressing the need for disciplinary research, long-term investment in basic science and international cooperation to connect people to respond to COVID-19.

A foreign speaker, Axel Brakhage, vice chair of the German Research Foundation (DFC) will present the efforts of the DFG to ease competition and pressure on the research site, create a stable research environment and international cooperation, focusing on Germany’s COVID-19 response and R&D support policies.

Tove Fall, a professor at Uppsala University in Sweden, revels the results of an interesting epidemiological study such as Sweden’s COVID-19 response policy, physical symptoms of COVID-19 patients, economic level and correlation of COVID-19 outbreak that he conducted through a population analysis of 4.2 million people, mostly with local people in Uppsala and additional from the United States and the United Kingdom.

A domestic speaker, Sung-il Cho, a professor at Seoul National University, will present the results of Korea’s quarantine and remaining tasks, and the importance of quarantine measures and balance of social and economic activities, focusing on the Korea’s COVID-19 situation and future prospects.

Hong-Jun Yoo, a professor at Sungkyunkwan University introduces the results of his analysis of the “Dual New Normal” concept and the changes in our lives, which emerged with the addition of the pandemic crisis in the low-growth era, focusing on the impact that the COVID-19 will bring to mankind from the perspective of humanities and social studies.

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