Vision Declaration

To ensure the ascension of SKKU to a global leading university in the Asian Top 10 and global Top 50 rankings by 2020, we declare the following

  1. SKKU will secure world-class education and research capacities and emerge as a global leading university.
  2. SKKU, through its education of students in the qualities of benevolence, righteousness, propriety, and wisdom, will produce creative global leaders and world-class research that will contribute to the good of the country and society.
  3. All SKKU students will unite and bring their passion and devotion to the development of creative innovation, in preparation to become the future pioneers of society with global leadership skills and creative, challenging spirits

A new era is coming. The will and passion of our 210,000 alumni and all of our current or future students will be united to shape the future of a dynamic and adventurous SKKU.

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  • Office of Strategy, Planning & Public Relations ( 02-760-1153 )