BK21 PLUS Project

BK 21 PLUS is a national human resources development project initiated to produce creative master’s and doctoral-level human resources that will lead Korea's economy and promote the development of new knowledge and technology based on creativity. It is focused on promoting a creative university education and research environment by strengthening the roles of institutions and becoming a hub for the generation of actual results.

Stage-by-Stage Project Goals

  • 01

    BK21 Project (1999~2005. 200 billion KRW per year)

    • - Establish an advanced human resour ces development system for the placement (con centration) of distinguished master and doctoral level students in outstandung education and research groups
    • - Establish a normalized and stabilized university education and research environment through the reduction of enrollment quotas, implementation of an open-door policy, and the encouragement of competition
  • 02

    BK21 Project 2006~2012. 290 billion KRW per year)

    • - Establish a competitive human resources development system through dismissal and re-entry placement (concentration) of distinguished master and doctoral level students to outstanding education and research groups
    • - Establish an innovative evaluation management system based on a choice and focus strategy to promote graduate program specialization and ensure competitive environment
    • - Focuse on university-industry cooperation, globalization, and the balancing of national growth
  • 03

    BK21 PLUS Project (2013~2019. 252.6 billion KRW per year)

    • - Support becoming a global research-oriented university
    • - Cultivate talented individuals for each academic and convergence field
    • - Enhance higher education system and research qualities

Project Vision

Project Vision

Basic Objectives

Strengthen the groundwork as a research-oriented university through improvements in graduate education and research quality

  • Establish of quality-focused achievement management systems and policies that promote research

Strengthen regional graduate schools’ education and research competencies

  • Increase regional university support funds and develop collaborative relationships between universities as well as mid sized and regional enterprises
  • Cultivate field-oriented master and doctoral level human resources through university-industry collaboration

Evaluate plans and achievements of university-industry collaboration to promote close links between graduate education and research, and relevant industries to produce more field-oriented knowledge, technology, and master and doctoral-level human resources

  • Support the cultivation of advanced multi-skilled human resources in specialized fields

Introduce new fields such as digital multimedia, cultural content, tourism, and information security, to promote advanced human resources who are specialized in fields with high social demand

  • Strengthen program management to improve graduate school quality

Complete re-selection of project groups

  • Make practical adjustments of research funds for graduate students and personnel expenses for new researchers

Increase support funds for graduate students and young researchers by taking inflation rate into account so that students can focus better on learning and research without worrying about life expenses

Project Groups

Project for Developing Future-Base-Creating Human Resources

  • Division of HRD for Next-Generation Leaders in Physics
  • HRD Center for Creative Convergence Chemical Sciences
  • Creative Mathematical Science Division
  • Education Center for Creative Leaders in Integrative Biology
  • Global Elite Cultivation (GEC) center for Emergent materials
  • HRD Center for Human-Friendly Convergence System
  • ICT HRD Institute for New Value Creation
  • Center for Global Creativity in Pharmaceutical Education and Research
  • 21st Century Biomedical Sciences Leader Development Program
  • Creative Convergence Institute for Chemical Engineers
  • Convergence Management of Buildings and Infrastructures
  • HRD Team for Creative Global Biomedical Engineers
  • Creative HRD Team for Food Development for Life-care
  • Global Frontiers of Eco-smart Water NEXUS
  • Research & HRD Team for Smart Factory Design, Operation, and Optimization based on Industrial Data Analytics
  • Pioneering Nano-Based Convergence HRD Center
  • A Project Group for Transversal Education and Research of History in the Global Age
  • Constructing Educational and Research Global Integration Lab for Confucian Studies
  • Center for Conflict Resolution and Social Integration Communicator
  • Center for Creative Leaders in Frontier Management
  • Pursuing an Empathic Government: Through Convergent Leadership Development Program
  • A Research on Educational Reform for Cultivating Law Professional in ICT Global Legal Standards
  • Cultivating Creative Talents Through Educational Informatics
  • A research team for Social Services Responding Proactively to Future Social Risks
  • A Training and Research Team for Social Research Experts on Social Integration Infrastructure
  • Research Group for Training Empathy-Based Leadership

Project for Developing Global Human Resources

  • Interaction Science for Developing Global Human-Informatics leaders focusing on UI/UX
  • Integrated Energy Center for Fostering Global Creative Researcher

Project for Developing Specialized Human Resources

  • Interdisciplinary Human-Centered Service Design
  • Creative Technology of Crisis, Disater, and Risk Management
  • Big Data Based CACI(Consumer Analysts for Consumer Insight) Development Group
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