Inbound Exchange/Visiting Program

International Objectives

SKKU offers more than 7,000 courses throughout the academic year in every field and level of study. Currently, over 30% of courses are conducted in foreign languages, primarily English. The reason for this is twofold: first to provide a chance for SKKU students to improve their global competence and language capabilities, and secondly to provide a larger selection of classes for international students who are not fluent in Korean. SKKU is actively recruiting renowned foreign professors while providing a series of retraining programs for Korean faculty aimed at enhancing language and lecture skills.

Academic Year

SKKU’s academic year starts around Februuary 20th. The start date of a specific academic year may vary slightly according to each year. All academic schedules, including course signup, adding and dropping, course withdrawal, exams, and course evaluations are planned based on this.

Course Catalog

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  • * General Courses refer to courses that are taught in Korean, only courses that are marked 'International Language' are taught in English.

Course Restriction

Not all courses are open to exchange students as they require special application eligibility or completion of prerequisite courses. The following are fields of study that are exclusively offered to major students who are attending SKKU as their home university:

지원방법 및 수업료
Graduate School Special Graduate School
Specialty Graduate School (Except for ASIA MBA program)
Undergraduate School School of Medicine
School of Pharmacy
Global Business Administration*
Global Economics*

Credit Issues: Maximum Credit and Credit Transfer

One SKKU credit requires students to fulfill one study hour per week. Most SKKU courses require 45 hours of study in the classroom, not including extra work, while language courses and experimental courses are generally worth one or two credits.

Credit Issues: Maximum Credit and Credit Transfer
Study Load
/ Week / Semester
1 credit course 1 hour 15 hours
2 credit course 2 hour 30 hours
3 credit course 3 hour 45 hours

An exchange student’s home university is responsible for transferring SKKU credits, while SKKU provides information on the grading system and the academic policy for their reference. SKKU’s Office of International Relations sends the necessary documents, including academic transcripts, to the home university by express mail to help the student who completed the exchange program to ask for a credit transfer.

Exchange students are allowed to take up to the following credits in accordance with their majors.

Undergraduate Postgraduate
18 credits 9 credits (15 credits for MBA students)
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