Administrative Offices

General Affairs Division

Admissions Division

Office of Personnel and General Affairs

The office of Personnel and General Affairs is responsible for faculty and staff evaluations, education, welfare, labor union, and various university events.

Major Responsibilities and Functions

  • Management of division director’s and the president’s official seal
  • Coordination of official ceremonies
  • Improvement of office environment and administrative services
  • Management of general and electronic documents
  • Recruitment, promotion, and transfer of staff
  • Management of staff leave of absence, reinstatement, rewards and punishment, and performance and dismissal
  • Management of faculty and staff pay and remuneration
  • Management of faculty and staff appointments and personnel records and issuance of all relevant certificates
  • Appointment and dismissal of part-time instructors and teaching assistants
  • Management of staff services, educational training and business trips
  • Management of work related to the labor union
  • Management of faculty and staff welfare, pension, medical insurance and mutual benefit association
  • Maqnagement of security and emergence

Office of Finance

The office of Finance is responsible for the establishment and implementation of basic management plans for the university’s funds, annual report on the settlement of accounts, and management of tuition receipts and various other income sources (donations, research grants, etc.).

Major Responsibilities and Functions

  • Administration of accounting and account settlement
  • Ledger management and storage
  • Coordination of revenue and expenditures
  • Management of capital and various funds
  • Coordination of tax payments
  • Management of revenue stamps and marketable securities
  • Collection and payment of contributions and loans
  • Management of Appropriations-in-Aid
  • Introduction of loans (domestic bonds & foreign loans) and repayment of principle and interest

Office of Facilities Management

  • Content Manager