Kingo Cheerleader

The Kingo Cheerleaders promote and uphold team spirit among the SKKU community by cheering at the sporting events of SKKU sports teams and other university events.

Founded in 1977 as part of a cheerleading club in the Department of Physical Education, Kingo Cheerleaders have continued to expand its role and size.

Kingo Cheerleaders have played a key role in bonding the SKKU community and raising SKKU’s reputation.


The name "Kingo" comes from the gingko leaf, which is the symbol of SKKU, and is chanted by all members of SKKU.

In addition to sporting events, the Kingo Cheerleaders appear at various university events: Freshmen Orientations, Summer Festivals, and University Foundation Day Celebrations.
The Kingo Cheerleaders will continue to dedicate themselves to supporting SKKU athletes and promoting SKKU spirit.

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