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  • Racket Challenge

    Hello this is SKKU Badminton Club! We play badminton every Tuesday and Thursday in the evening at a gym near the university~ Play badminton and make good friendships in the club!
  • Bloodline

    BLOODLINE, created in 1975, is one of the best rock band in skku. Our band voluntarily sets time for performance preparation and practice. Also, we offer a number of performance opportunities, including joint performances with other universities, regular concerts, and festival concerts. We mainly play powerful genres such as rock and metal, and also deals with acoustic musics and pop-songs according to preferences. If you are passionate about music, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Hogwarts

    Hogwarts, community of SKKU’s magicians. either watching or learning is okay. Feel free to contact us.
  • UL

    It is a traditional instrument that enjoys pangut and samulnori using traditional musical instruments such as kkwaenggwari, janggu, drum, and jing. Because it is a central club, you can acquaint yourself with the campus people you belong to, as well as the Myeongnyun campus students if you are a Yuljeon campus student, or you can become acquaintances with Yuljeon campus students. It has the advantage of being able to socialize with people from the same club through performances twice a year. Practice is not enough for everyday life, and even if you have not tried any of these things, you can learn quickly, so please do not worry.
  • sungkyun folklore research team ; TAL(mask)

    We go to Gosung every vacation and learn mask dance directly. We perform the dance annually. We exchange with other school's TAL club members and watch their performances.
  • Kingo Leafs

    This is SKKU ice hockey club. Anyone who is currently in college or not in college can play with us. Also beginners can learn from the basics and we have hockey gear for you. Let's play ice hockey with us!!!
  • JeungSanDo

    "If you want to know about the origin of Hallyu, the Korean wave, and become the ‘Hwarang’ of the 21st century, come join us at Jeung San Do! Jeung San Do club has partook in introducing the culture of Cosmic Autumn Gaebyeok by revering and honoring the teachings of Jeung-san Sangjenim, the ruler of the universe that humanity has been serving since the ancient times.  We have been sharing the secrets of humanity's primordial culture and have promoted the campaign on 'Finding the real history’ throughout the years.
  • Youth hostel

    Youth Hostel is a 44 year old travel club. We, go on a monthly theme trip not only near Seoul ,but travel all over the country.
  • UNSA

    Club which is associated with other universities that serves student-participating programs including International Day of Peace campaign
  • Sung kyun Kwan University orchestra (skkuo)

    skkuo is the largest club in the skku. In the skkuo, you can meet various people, learn musical instruments and have a fun concert even if you can not handle musical instruments.

    In Cinevill, we watch the movie, talk about the movie, and make the movie! If you love and enjoy movies, don’t hesitate to participate!
  • A.L.A(AFN Listening Association)

    It is a union club that can study English with fun based on friendship. At the beginning of each semester, we freely exchange opinions about future club activities and reflect them. Last year, we held a variety of events including the four-season event, two athletic competitions, a combined T.R. and english play. We have many events planned for this year, If you join our club, you can play, eat, and study together in an atmosphere like a family.

    AIESEC is the world’s largest non-profit youth-run organization in consultative status with the UN that aims to provide young people with leadership development. There are currently students from 127 countries who are a part of this global network. In SKKU, we uphold the AIESEC value and do a variety of things from creating our own volunteer projects, to sending students from Korea as exchange participants for volunteer projects and internships abroad. If you are looking for a way to broaden your perspective of the world and take an active part in making a change, this is the place for you!

    We play any kind of music with classical guitar. We perform once or twice every year.
  • SKKU Fine Art Club

    SKKU Fine Art Club is a Sungkyunkwan University art center, and draws paintings such as watercolors, acrylics, sculptures ,and oil paintings.
  • Sungmu

    We are Sungmu club.  We are based on Taekwondo, so we teach you only Taekwondo. There are also many exchanges with other university Taekwondo clubs. Welcome to a beginner and a expert of Taekwondo.
  • SKChorus

    SK Chorus is a club for people 'who love music'. Just like various voices come together and make harmony, various people gather and come together in our club. Mainly we hold our own performance twice a year; in spring and autumn. Also, we perform in many school events and other outside-school events.
  • STTA

    STTA (Sungkyun Table Tennis Association) is able to receive high-class lessons every week. In addition, our club participates in various conventions and exchanges. In addition to table tennis, there are variety of events such as MT, athletic meet, and homecoming day. If you have any interest in table tennis, I highly recommend our club!
  • SungKyun Calligraphy Club

    Our club teaches calligraphy which is one of the most important thing in a long time ago.
  • sungkyunkwan university drama club

    As the only central drama(=acting) club since 1946, our club accepts whoever wants to come in. There are three performances every year, and two of them are offered together by Seoul campus and Suwon campus. Anyone can take the position they want on each performance, regardless of age,  nationality etc.
  • Alternative Library

    An alternative library for people who think about the world without social discrimination or exclusion and share their experiences
  • Saramsarang

    A club where you can meet younger siblings of childcare facilities to feel the benefits of volunteering and make relationships with good activists
  • banchon

    Catholic club of Sungkyunkwan University
  • Question & Exclamtion

    Question Mark and Exclamation Mark is the central academic discussion circle of the Sungkyunkwan University's natural sciences campus. Through a weekly general meeting, we talk about agendas and events about our circle. Also, we conduct briefings and CEDA discussions based on the cases that have recently been issued in society. Our circle is where you can freely share what you know and think. By understanding the opinions of others, you can gain broader thoughts and knowledge. 
  • motdy

    We are a central acoustic guitar club 'Motdy'. You can perform by using base, keyboard, drum, vocal and so on. Please join us.
  • Magician

    Magician, The only billiards club in Yuljeon

    MANIA is a snowboard team at Sungkyunkwan University.
  • le foot

    SKKU soccer club ‘le foot’ is instituted for the students who love soccer. We aim for interesting soccer, holding an intramural league, and participating in an outdoor event. We also seek to develop relationships among seniors and juniors outside of soccer, and learn the responsibilities of assigned roles to make them a good social figure.
  • Rotaract

    Sungkyunkwan Univ. Central Rotary Club Rotaract is engaged in various activities such as mentoring, river cleaning, and soap making in conjunction with the local community. In addition, we are working on many projects such as Korean language education for multicultural families.
  • Didimdol

    The Didimdol is social science society, we study social structure and issues. 
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