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[Academics] 2023-24 WISE Course Registration for SKKU Undergraduate Students 최종 수정일 : 2023.12.19
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During the WISE Advanced Korean Studies Course, we would like to provide international students from our university the opportunity to study at SKKU.
※The 2023 WISE courses will also be conducted completely ONLINE.

■ Eligibility: Limited to SKKU International students
1) Currently enrolled undergraduate students and undergraduate students on academic leave
- Students expected to graduate/ complete their studies in  February 2024 are ineligible for enrollment
- Seasonal course enrollment open to students on academic leave
** Even if earning course credit towards graduation (degree completion) through seasonal courses, at least one more semester after returning to school after academic leave is required in order to graduate
** Students on academic leave  are limited to apply a maximum of two times during the enrollment period for the seasonal courses.
2) Graduate students are eligible audit courses 

■ Course schedule: 2024.01.03 (Wednesday) ~ 01.23 (Tuesday), 15 sessions

■ Class schedule 
•  1st period: 09:00 ~ 11:50 / 2nd period: 13:00 ~ 15:50
•  Seasonal class periods and hourly timetables may differ from regular classes
•  Please refer to the timetable for each subject on the Academic WISE website (https://winter.skku.edu/winter/intro/Course.do)

 ■ Courses List (IWS) / **Department for the Recognition of Major Credits expected to update later
•  IWS3001	Discussion in Korean
•  IWS3004	Business Korean
•  IWS3012	Advanced Korean Writing
•  IWS3013	K-Culture Contents in the World (한국학연계전공, 유학동양학과)
•  IWS3014	Korean History:New Understanding (한국학연계전공)
•  IWS3015	Visiting Korean History (한국학연계전공)
•  IWS3016	Contemporary Korean Society and Korean Cinema (한국학연계전공)
•  IWS3018	WISEly Prepare: TOPIK II

 ■ Language : Korean or English
•  Please check each course's language of instruction on the WISE homepage
•  https://winter.skku.edu/winter/intro/Course.do
■ Course Application and Tuition Payment Period
•  1st Period: 2023.12.11.(MON) 10:00 ~ 12.14. (THU) 16:00
•  2nd Period: 2023.12.19.(TUE) 10:00 ~ 18:00
•  Tuition fee: 450,000KRW per course (3 credits)

■ Financial Aid (Scholarship Aid/Financial Benefits)
•  Sungkyun Hangeul Essay Contest Winner: Full Scholarship 
•  Samsung Global Sungkyun Scholarship Student: 1 free course
•  Scholarship recipients are required to submit proof of eligibility via email wiseoffice@skku.edu

■ Possible course credits for enrollment: Maximum 6 course credits
•  No more than 6 credits from seasonal classes (including credit exchanges from other universities), limited to no more than 9 credits per academic year

■ How to apply: Sungkyunkwan University Academic System for Students (GLS) >  Course Catalogue(수업영역) > Undergraduate Course Registration(학부수강신청) > ISS/WISE
•  After course registration, applicants must pay the tuition fees within the specified time
•  If applicants do not pay by the application deadline, application is subject to cancellation 

■ Course withdrawal and tuition refund: Click the “Refund” button on the application screen, 
•  Full refunds are only possible by clicking the “Refund” button on the application screen during  the specified course registration period
•  Students who have paid the tuition through Flywire should apply a refund through Flywire
•  Changes or cancellations are not allowed from the starting date of the winter semester classes
■ Credit approval
1) 3 credits hours per course: approved by major or general credit
- When taking approved courses in a major, they can be recognized as 'General Major (class 13~20)' or 'Core Major (from Class 21)' credits
- In the case of taking an unapproved course in a major, it will be recognized as ‘general elective' credit
2)  Please refer to the "2023 International Winter Semester Major Credit Recognition Status Table" for recognized major courses: expected to be updated later
■ Notice
1) The 2023 WISE courses will be conducted online
2) Students expected to graduate or complete their degrees by February 2024 may not apply
■ Inquiries: Office of International Relations 02-760-0028 / wiseoffice@skku.edu
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