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[Academics] 2024 Spring SKKU Course registration notice 최종 수정일 : 2024.02.13
  • Office of International Affairs
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SKKU OIR has sent an email regarding SKKU Course registration process and date.

Below are the key information, but please read the sent email carefully and check the attached files of the mail as well.

1.[Online Course Registration.]
Students can register courses through online system. The website for online registration is; https://sugang.skku.edu/ 
You can log in to the above website with the Student ID and password.

2.[Details of Offline Course Registration process]
Additionally, SKKU OIR offers exchange and visiting students the offline course registration system to help students who could not register the courses they wanted to via online course registration platform. We have attached the specific detail of this offline registration process in the email so please read carefully and check out the pdf files attached to the mail.

3.[Course List]
Course list is available through below URL:

4.[Important dates] _ All in Korea Standard Time (KST)
1. Online course registration period: February 16th (Fri) ~ 21st (Wed) 10:00 ~ 22:59 
* Not available during weekends and holidays, which means, it isn’t available from February 17th to 18th.
2. Online course Add & Drop Period: March 4th (Mon) 08:00 ~ March 9th (Sat) 22:59
* Adding is not available during March 6th (Wed) 17:00 ~ 7th (Thu) 07:59
3. Offline Course registration period: February 21st (Wed) 10:00 ~ March 7th (Thu) 14:00
4. Couse set-up deadline: March 9th (No one can add any course to one’s course list after all course registration periods are over.)

Hope you enroll your courses successfully.

*If you have not got your email regarding course registration,  or have inquiry regarding this process, please reach out to incoming@skku.edu
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