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[Hiring/Recruitment] [KCIHE] Abroad Convergence Project 최종 수정일 : 2021.06.30
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The knowledge Center for Innovative Higher Education(KCIHE) is running a program called ‘Abroad Convergence Project 2021’ to foster the global capabilities of SKKU students. For this year, the project elaborates with the theme of "Re:design your daily APP", which will be operated as a team with both undergraduates and international students from SKKU. Unfortunately, we are not going to make it to go abroad at this moment of Covid-19 situation, however; We believe that it will be a super valuable opportunity for you to develop your global competency by online. We look forward to increased participation from SKKU international students.

<Program Outline>
- Theme: Re:design your daily APP
- Program Details
1) Lecture: Design Thinking
2) Seek a problem from mobile application
3) Create prototypes to address the challenges discovered based on the Design Thinking framework
4) Submit Final Results Report
- Program Process Details
1) Online program using Zoom and Mural software
2) Will be conducted in ENGLISH only

 <Program Schedule>
June 15th(Tue) 5pm ~ July 5th(Mon) 23:50 Recruitment
July 1st(Thu) ~ July 8th(Thu) Application Screening and Individual Interview 
(*Prospective candidate will be notified after the interview)
July 9th(Fri) 5pm Final Selection Announcement
July 15th(Thu) 4pm ~ 5:30pm Pre-workshop 
(*Leader Required Attendance)
July 16th(Fri) ~ July 17th(Sat) 1pm~6pm Workshop

- Target: Undergraduates & International Students (in total of 20 students)
※ NOT Sungkyun Language School students
※ No nationality restrictions
- How to apply: June 15th(Tue) 5pm ~ July 5th(Mon) 23:50 Recruitment from Challenge Square 
Extra-curricular program>Apply>Click and apply for 해외융합프로젝트(Abroad Convergence Project)>Attach application form and submit
※ Applications will be available until the preliminary list is full, and the final selection will be announced separately after the review.

<Benefits upon Completion>
1. Certification
2. 新3품제 Extra-Curricular Program Completion of 10 hrs provided

The knowledge Center for Innovative Higher Education(KCIHE) jiiieun@skku.edu
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