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[General] Internet Interruption Notice [ 8. 7. (Sat, Seoul campus), 8. 8. (Sun, Suwon campus) ] 최종 수정일 : 2021.08.06
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The university will conduct maintenance work for the stable operation of campus network equipment.
During work, the use of the computer network (internet) service will be stopped.

1. Date: 2021. 8. 7. (Sat, Seoul campus),   8. 8. (Sun, Suwon campus)
             ※ 08:00AM ~ 16:00PM

2. Interrupted service: Wired/wireless network (Internet) service
           (Internal/External Internet/Kingo Portal/Mail/ASIS, etc.)

3. Purpose: Removal of dust from network backbone equipment by campus and OS upgrade

4. Schedule
1) Seoul campus: 8. 7.(Sat)
 - 08:00AM ~ 12:00PM
    Humanities Hall, Economics Hall, Law Hall, Suseon Hall, Management Hall, 
    Hoam Hall, Faculty Hall
 - 13:00PM ~ 16:00PM
    600th Anniversary Hall, Central Academic Information Center, International Hall, 
    Student Union Hall
2) Suwon campus: 8. 8. (Sun)
 - 08:00AM ~ 12:00PM
  Engineering 1 Hall, Utility Center, N Center, Research Complex 1, 2 Hall, 
  Medicine School Hall, Suseonggwan Hall, Semiconductor/Chemistry/DRC Hall
 - 13:00PM ~ 16:00PM
  Engineering 2 Hall, Research & Business Center, Natural Sciences 1, 2 Hall, 
  Life Science and Tech Hall

5. Contact: Information and Communications Team (1265, 5212)

                              Director General of Information and Communications
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